Environmental Services

Wilson & Associates has the training, field experience, and understanding to provide for all environmental regulatory compliance needs.

Environmental regulations protecting our nation’s natural resources are dynamic,complex, and often difficult to understand. From permitting and regulatory compliance, to biological surveys and construction monitoring, W&A has gained the respect of the regulatory community, working side-by-side with TDOT and TDEC, while taking into account each of our clients’ project specific needs. We understand the importance of building the project within the environmental guidelines and not making an environmental project out of a construction site. Our specialties include erosion inspection and obtaining environmental permits for waste and borrow.

Environmental Planning and Permitting

  • Permit Identification, Strategies, Agency ApplicationPreparation, and Special Studies
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
  • ARAP Permitting
  • NPDES Permitting
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans

Stormwater Management Plans

  • Channel Hydraulics
  • Detention/Retention Pond Design
  • Rosgen Geomorphic Channel Design

Erosion Control

  • TDEC and Board-Certified Erosion-Control Professionals
  • Pre-Disturbance Erosion-Control Plan Evaluation
  • Selection of Best Management Practices
  • Erosion-Control Plan Implementation
  • Storm Water Management

Innovative Solutions

I-840 Special Provision 209  Under Wilson & Associates’ supervision, two new concepts for EPSC efforts were initiated with the high-profile environmental issues of two separate sections of I-840: The first was a “Cooperative Team Approach” that included all parties involved in the project, and the second was an intense use of “Grading Techniques” on ROW stormwater storage. These efforts resulted in no NOVs issued.
The Gap in Gallatin, Tennessee While W&A was providing the Contractor’s EPSC inspection services to minimize environmental impacts, a small amount of deposit started to seep under the large riprap designed to protect a stream. W&A proposed a timely and unique solution, using sandbags and stone, saving the Contractor time, money, and paper work.
Smart Fix 40 Besides laying out bridges, walls, grading, and drainage on this largest construction project in Tennessee history, W&A also acted as the prime contractor’s representative in all erosion-prevention and sediment-control matters. This included the contractor’s plan for staging EPSC operations, EPSC inspection services relative to water quality, erosion and sediment controls, and water-resource-related permit compliance for the project, as well as coordination of the contractor’s BMP installations to minimize environmental impacts. W&A worked with environmental community groups, the City of Knoxville, and TDEC to meet the project’s environmental obligations. The efforts resulted in no NOVs.