Data Modeling

Wilson & Associates has been providing data-rich modeling since 1996. W&A can provide a level of detail that ranges from a simple building pad to an interurban interchange with pipes, utilities, bridges, walls, and complex roadway geometry.

“We create information-rich models that are not just a visual representation of the project, but contain extremely accurate information regarding the project’s design and constructability.”

-Joey C. Wilson II, W&A President


Residential Subdivisions
Borrow & Waste Areas
2D/3D Project Line Work

Support Services

GPS Control Networks
Designer/Owner Coordination
Benchmark Verification
Field Verify Critical Connection Points to Insure Model Accuracy
Onsite Technical Support
Updated Models Due to Plan Revisions
Our data modeling process involves analyzing the published plan data to produce a 3 dimensional surface model of the design. The process begins with a thorough review of the plans to identify areas of conflict, as well as contacting the contractor or engineer to furnish additional information that may be required to build an accurate representation of the designer’s intent. Once all of the data meets our construction needs, we begin to create the surface model using roading and modeling software. The model, which consists of 3D lines and triangles, is converted through proprietary software to generate files that are used in construction equipment to build the design using automated guidance systems. Wilson and Associates sets itself apart from its competitors by supplying the contractor with highly detailed and accurate models that leave nothing for the contractor to guess. Roadway corridors, intersections, special ditches, bridge abutments, and even retaining walls are included in a single homogenous model which allows the contractor to concern themselves with only one file and have access to design information anywhere within the project limits. WA can also include about any request from the contractor such as driveways, 3D pipes, and box culverts.