In June 2002, the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) let to contract the 6.5 mile section of SR-840 from SR-100 to SR-46.  Later that year, site inspections by the Tennessee Dept. of Environment and Conservation (TDEC), some of which were due to citizens complaints, found large areas of disturbed ground, major sediment releases into streams and tributaries, and either improperly installed EPSC measures or a lack of EPSC measures. The department received Notice of Violations on the project and the construction project was halted.  TDOT was ultimately fined $800,000.  Against this background TDOT made numerous design changes to the 840 segment between SR-100 and Pinewood Road in an attempt to minimize impacts to the environment.  The section was re-let to contract in July 2007.

Wilson & Associates was awarded the subcontract for Environmental Oversight under TDOT Special Provision 209 Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control (EPSC) Supervisor.  Under Wilson & Associates’ supervision, two new concepts for EPSC efforts were initiated: The First – a “Cooperative Team Approach” which included all parties involved in the project was used and the Second – an intense use of “Grading Techniques” and on ROW stormwater storage. This resulted in this section being completed and open to traffic in October 2010 without any significant environmental problems.

Wilson & Associates was also awarded the subcontract for Construction Stakes, Line and Grades. Wilson & Associates provided center-line staking, bridge abutment slope stakes, bridge pier staking and other staking prior to any initial clearing so that minimal clearing to install erosion prevention and sediment control measures could be achieved.

This project became the basis for restructuring the environmental measures on all succeeding Tennessee Department of Transportation Projects.

Highways, Inc. Section of SR 840

3 miles in length
Over 210 total acres disturbed
Over 2 ½ million cubic yards of earthwork
Over 170 acres of sod for stabilization
10 bridges
2 box culverts
7 cross drains
1500 ft stream relocation
Over 1200 ft of park road