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Wilson & Associates has been actively working in Aerial UAV Photogrammetry since 2014. The first company in the industry to obtain an F33 exemption in the state of Tennessee, W&A has four FAA Section-107 pilots who operate our four UAVs throughout the Southeast. We have flown hundreds of lane-miles of roadway projects for original ground and volume calculations, hundreds of stock piles for quarries and asphalt plants, and many sites for predesign information.

Our QA/QC process insures accurate topographic information is delivered to our clients on time and within budget. Our field tests, utilizing terrestrial-based LIDAR compared to Aerial UAV Photogrammetry, indicate the accuracy in volume of the UAV data to be within one to five percent of the terrestrial LIDAR.


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3 DJI Inspires
1 RTK eBee

Aerial Mapping Animations

I-840 Special Provision 209  Under Wilson & Associates’ supervision, two new concepts for EPSC efforts were initiated with the high-profile environmental issues of two separate sections of I-840: The first was a “Cooperative Team Approach” that included all parties involved in the project, and the second was an intense use of “Grading Techniques” on ROW stormwater storage. These efforts resulted in no NOVs issued.
Smart Fix 40 Besides laying out bridges, walls, grading, and drainage on this largest construction project in Tennessee history, W&A also acted as the prime contractor’s representative in all erosion-prevention and sediment-control matters. This included the contractor’s plan for staging EPSC operations, EPSC inspection services relative to water quality, erosion and sediment controls, and water-resource-related permit compliance for the project, as well as coordination of the contractor’s BMP installations to minimize environmental impacts. W&A worked with environmental community groups, the City of Knoxville, and TDEC to meet the project’s environmental obligations. The efforts resulted in no NOVs.