Wilson & Associates was awarded the subcontract for Environmental Oversight under TDOT Special Provision 209 Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control (EPSC) Supervisor. Under Wilson & Associates’ supervision, Grading Techniques with On ROW Stormwater Storage as the Primary BMP was used along with a Cooperative Team Approach which included all parties involved in the project. This resulted in both of these sections being completed and open to traffic in November 2012 without any significant environmental problems.

Wilson & Associates was also awarded the subcontract for Construction Stakes, Line and Grades.  Wilson & Associates provided center-line staking, bridge abutment slope stakes, bridge pier staking and other staking prior to any initial clearing so that minimal clearing to install erosion prevention and sediment control measures could be achieved.

This project became the basis for Erosion Control Design on succeeding Tennessee Department of Transportation New Alignment Projects.

Bell & Associates Section 2 & 3 of SR 840

  • 8 miles in length
  • Over 600 total acres disturbed
  • Over 5 million cubic yards of earthwork
  • Over 1 million cubic yards of rock
  • 300 acres of sod for stabilization
  • Over 4500 ft of stream relocation
  • 24 bridges
  • 5 box bridges
  • 18 box culverts
  • 3 Conspan bridges
  • 40 cross drains
  • Pyritic material encapsulation
  • Archaeological sites
  • Relocation of TVA transmission lines/tower
  • Upgrade to Columbia Gulf natural gas lines