Project included the grading, drainage, construction of a concrete I-beam bridge, and paving on a new industrial access road serving The Gap company in Gallatin, TN. W&A provided the Contractor’s EPSC inspection services including the Contractor’s Plan for Staging EPSC Operations, EPSC Inspection services relative to water quality, erosion and sediment controls, and water-resource-related permit compliance for the project, as well as coordination of the Contractor’s BMP installations to minimize environmental impacts.

During the course of the project a small amount of material washed from under the large riprap designed to protect a slope above a stream. Wilson & Associates proposed a unique solution to this problem. Sand bags were immediately placed between the stream flow and the deposited material. Then smaller sized stone was placed to fill voids in the originally specified large riprap and the area of deposited soil was stabilized using the technique pictured below. This timely solution saved the Contractor time, money and paper work.